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Interview with Vaclav Jilek (Protagonist)

Why would viewers not want to miss the series?
I think that this is a poetic take on a Czech classic detective series. The episodes were excellently written by Mr. Zdeněk Zelenka and superbly acted by Jirina Bohdalová. They also have gaiety, humor, suspense and plenty of criminal cases.

Did you know Jirina Bohdalová before the filming started?
For our first meeting, I was a little mentally prepared. When I learned the scripts, I imagined that I was talking with Mrs. Bohdalová. Before the casting, I even watched some of her movies. I was in too much shock. In the second round of casting, she was sitting behind the monitor, giving comments on my acting.

How was your relationship with Jirina Bohdalová?
She was very strict, but also very pleasant. From the beginning, I tried to help. I think that she found our relationship as if she had a true grandson. It pleased me.

How does it feel for a new actor to be in a group of seasoned performers?
It was amazing to be in such a great company and watch actors such as Jirina Bohdalová, George Štěpnička or Frantisek Nemec. I saw how they think over their roles, and each one constantly brings new ideas. For a young actor like me, it is something indescribable. I learned every second.

What was your most memorable moment during the filming process?
Those moments were countless. I have very dear memories from the filming days, and a very close, personal collaboration with my fictional grandmother, Mrs. Bohdalová.

Did she counsel you or give you advice?
Before any scene she picked up the text and together we went through it. In a way, she coached. It means a lot to me. Her advice concerned most of acting expression and internal energy, as well as how to truthfully portray the content of the dialogue.

What did you find most challenging during those filming days?
Perhaps filming two different parts simultaneously. The degree of concentration was very important. I sincerely admire actors who make the show and they need to do eight parts at once. I shot just two and it gave me a hard time. I must admit that I almost did not sleep.

What is your relationship with thrillers?
I like other genres, as a reader. I prefer sci-fi or war novels. During filming of Kveta’s Mysteries, my relation with thrillers changed quite fundamentally. As a viewer, I began to search for the genre even further. Also, because I was a little inspired.

How did you get into acting?
I think that as a child I was a little exhibitionist. When I was 10, I had a children's radio show. Actually, I could not imagine doing something else. I was accepted at the drama department in DAMU. After school, I went to the theater in Liberec, where I spent four years. Today, I am a freelancer.

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