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Kveta Mysteries (Ach, ty vraždy!, 2010)
Czech Republic    

Director: Zdenek Zelenka
Cast: Jirina Bohdalová, Vaclav Jilek, Josef Dvořák, Ene Hrušínský
Genre: Comedy, crime, investigation   


Crime lurks in the Czech Republic, and only one man and his family can solve its mysteries. Meet a family whose members, a policeman, a lawyer and an actress, will devote themselves to unveiling the most tangled crimes in their city. Eurochannel premieres Kveta Mysteries.

The central characters of this seven-episode miniseries are a retired lawyer, Květa Kalendová, and her 27-year-old grandson, Kamil, an officer of the criminal police. Kamil is tormented by a streak of bad luck– he is on the verge of being dismissed from the police ranks. But each time, it is his grandmother who helps him to track down the criminals and thus keep his job ... at least till the beginning of the next episode!

Created and directed by Zdenek Zelenka, Kveta Mysteries offers a unique kind of series with detective stories full of suspense and disguises, peppered with witty humor. The result of two years of writing and filming, this gripping series offers a novelty to viewers through its ingenious blend of genres aligned with the tradition of Czech filmmaking.

In every episode of Kveta Mysteries (conceived by the director as small feature films), grandmother Kalendová is an amateur actress and therefore has access to all sorts of costumes, which she uses as disguises when sneaking unnoticed into the environment in which the respective crime was perpetrated.

Come meet Kamil and his hilarious grandmother as they together reveal the truth behind the most troubling and complicated cases for the Czech police!

Episode 1: Ms. Kalendova’s Killers

Kveta (Jirina Bohdalova) is a quirky, retired lawyer helping her grandson solve many convoluted criminal cases. This time she enters the community of homeless people to find out who is ordering contract killings.

Episode 2: Professor Sodomka’s Sin

Kveta (Jirina Bohdalova) and Kamil (Vaclav Jilek) search for the murderer of a high school student. Kveta assumes the role of a substitute English teacher to help her grandson investigate the circumstances and person responsible for the homicide.

Episode 3:  The secret mission of Professor Rybková

This time, Kveta (Jirina Bohdalova) goes to a center for overweight women to witness with her own eyes, in the guise of Associate Professor Rybková, her grandson's future wife, Kamila. Immediately after Kveta’s arrival, a murder occurs in the center.

Episode 4:  The murder of lobbyist Mansdorf

A known lobbyist is found dead. Coincidentally, this is a man whom criminologist Kamil (Vaclav Jilek), grandson of Dr. Kalendová (Jirina Bohdalova), had met before. The orchestrated killing is so tangled that the prime suspect is Kamil. He is placed into custody and Kveta has no choice but to urgently find the true killer.

Episode 5:  The postwoman’s murder

This episode begins with the death of Kveta’s (Jirina Bohdalova) best friend. She does not know, however, that she almost became the victim of the crime and that her life was saved by Kamil (Vaclav Jilek). Completely separate from the case, detective Kamil, for the first time, will be recognized by the police.

Episode 6: The archive of Felix Burget

Kveta Kalendová (Jirina Bohdalova) arrives at his sister's house, where she wants to relax from the horrors experienced at the end of the fifth episode. The nurses are identical twins, so they are indistinguishable. Lieutenant Kamil (Vaclav Jilek) goes to Prague to sort out his sister's villa, which was robbed.

Episode 7: The trial of Doctor Kalendová

A thrilling quest for 18-years-old Patrick Sahula, a fresh graduate from high school, who is the suspect of two murders. The case is even more serious as the victims were the young man's parents. Neither Kamil (Vaclav Jilek) nor Kalendová (Jirina Bohdalova) could, at the very beginning of the investigation, known how complex and ambiguous is case in front of them and how hard it will be to solve it.

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