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Listopad: A Memory of the Velvet Revolution (Czech Republic, 2015) by Eurochannel



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Listopad: A Memory of the Velvet Revolution (Listopad: A Memory of the Velvet Revolution, 2015)
Czech Republic

Director: Gary Griffin, Josef Lustig, Jan Tesitel
Cast: Igor Bares, Filip Cíl, Petr Kantor, Anita Krausova, David Novotný
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama   


Eastern Europe was in mayhem in 1989. During the Velvet Revolution, three youngsters aim to change the future for their country. Their fight is not violent but effective . . . will their efforts prevail? Eurochannel presents Listopad: A Memory of the Velvet Revolution to tell the story of those who transformed history.

Directed by the award-winning American filmmaker, Gary Griffin, Listopad: A Memory of the Velvet Revolution is a story of the spirited friendship between Petr, Jiri and Ondrej, three boys swept up in the ‘Velvet Revolution’ of 1989 in Czechoslovakia. Their friendship is unlikely ― Petr is a hockey player; Jiri is a musician; and Ondrej is a painter. Their bond, however, is their common desire for freedom in a communist country

Based on true stories from the Velvet Revolution, Listopad: A Memory of the Velvet Revolution is a timeless tale of political and artistic courage. Seen through the eyes of the protagonists, the movie brings to life the exhilarating days of November 1989 when, against all odds, students, artists and dissidents occupied Prague’s streets to stand up for their hopes and dreams of freedom.

For the movie, director Gary Griffin translated the events he lived firsthand when working for NBC in Prague in the frontline of the revolution into the story. In fact, the movie is enriched by actual footage of the days in Prague during the revolution.

Eurochannel invites you to discover how life was for many young people in communist Czechoslovakia, and how artists and poets with big dreams transformed the history of their country.


Petr (Filip Tomsa), Jiri (Filip Cíl) and Ondrej (Pavel Richta) are an unlikely trio of friends. An artist, a hockey player and a musician, the boys survive communism by playing sports, drinking beer, chasing girls and listening to underground music. But they are bound together by their common desire for freedom; on a cold November night, they join the front lines of a student demonstration in the streets of Prague. Face-to-face with the riot police, the boys are forced into a momentous decision: stand up against the Communist regime or give in to a system that has silenced their families for generations.

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