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Losing Hearts - Robin Davis - France

Losing Hearts (France, 2009) by Eurochannel



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Interview with Jeremie Duvall

Losing Hearts (Bas les coeurs, 2009)

Director: Robin Davis
Cast: Urbain Cancelier, Bruno Lochet, Popeck, Jérémie Duvall
Genre: Drama, époque


Versailles, it is summer of 1870 and he Prussians are at the French frontiers. The initiatory journey of Jean, a 12-year-old boy, begins when he discovers the compromises and weaknesses of the adult world by seeing his father turn sides. In just a few weeks, his old man changes from the most virulent patriotism to collaboration with the victorious enemy. Eurochannel premieres Losing Hearts!

Directed by Robin Davis, Losing Hearts is a poignant French époque drama. The film starts with the French declaration of war against the Prussians in 1870. People gather in the streets to celebrate the parade of soldiers going to the battlefront. Amongst them, the Barbier family, from Versailles, confidently wait for the war to start to make the best profit from it.

Their son, Jean Barbier, is disappointed and critical of their cowardice and of the pitiful world he lives in. Luckily for him, his elderly neighbor, Father Merlin, comforts him and sets him back on the right track, telling him about the atrocity of war, the dangers of patriotism and of the importance of giving and forgiving.

For Losing Hearts, director Robin Davis gathered a sensational cast, including Urbain Cancelier, who has played, among other things, in Amélie and A Very Long Engagement. There’s also Popeck, who, in addition to his one-man show, played in The Pianist and The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob.


In 1870, the world was shocked by France losing the war against Prussia. The most unshakeable patriots ended up collaborating with the occupiers. In the middle of all is Jean (Jérémie Duvall), a kid who observes this radical change in the behavior of the French. Only his neighbor, Merlin (Bruno Lochet), still seems endowed with values and common sense.

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