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Mimmo’s Kitchen - Mimmo Corcione - Italy

Mimmo Corcione

Mimmo Corcione

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Interview with Mimmo Corcione

Mimmo’s Kitchen (2012)


Ever wanted to cook Italian food at home? Ever wished to impress your friends and create a truly authentic Italian dish? Come into Mimmo’s Kitchen with Eurochannel and discover the techniques involved in crafting tantalizing Italian homemade cuisine alongside a savvy food lover.

Mimmo Corcione, the host of the show, could pass as an average Italian pensioner but his fame in his home land is growing day by day. With little more than a raw passion for traditional cooking, he has dedicated his recent years to trying, displaying and imparting his evolving culinary knowledge, in an amiable and straightforward way. His fare encompasses a wide range of typical Italian dishes with fresh, emblematic Italian ingredients like olives, ricotta, tomatoes, and asparagus.

Domenico “Mimmo” Corcione may not be a professionally trained chef, but he makes up for this with his unbridled enthusiasm, fiery Italian passion for cooking and fantastic expertise on regional dishes from all over Italy. Born in Boscotrecase, near Naples, in 1946, Mr. Corcione dedicated his career to mathematics and computer science. Upon retirement, he began gathering traditional Italian recipes and trying them out on his delighted friends and family.

Alongside this self proclaimed, “Explorer of flavors”, fan of The Beatles and Alfred Hitchkock fan, discover the closely guarded secrets of quintessential Italian traditional cuisine.


Domenico “Mimmo” Corcione is a retired Italian professional with a flair for traditional cooking. In an entertaining and friendly way, Mimmo imparts his knowledge of preparing authentic Italian recipes including succulent peach tart, a variety of lavish pastas including spaghettis, tagliolini and raviolis, among others. Discover cooking like an authentic Italian, with genuine local cuisine from around Italy.

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