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Miss Kicki

Miss Kicki



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Three Must-See Swedish Films

Miss Kicki (Miss Kicki, 2008)

Director: Håkon Liu
Cast: Pernilla August, Ludwig Palmell, He Huang


What happens when Scandinavian and Taiwanese cultures meet? Eurochannel reveals the surprising answer with a poignant film about a love so powerful that it transcends cultural and physical barriers.

Miss Kicki is a forty-year-old Swedish woman with a penchant for online dating. After a long stretch of bad dates and missed encounters, she finally finds an interesting man on one of her websites. There’s just one problem: Mr. Right lives on the other side of the world.

Further complicating this already difficult romance is Miss Kicki’s son. He lives in Sweden, where she is soon due to return after having left him alone for many years. The two of them are strangers to one another. Kicki is unwilling to choose between a future with her son or with the man she loves, and so she decides to alleviate the situation by bringing her son with her to the distant shores of Taiwan. However, where love is concerned, nothing ever goes according to plan. Before Miss Kicki can even get settled into her new life, her son gets into trouble with a local street gang.  

Miss Kicki is the first collaborative film between Scandinavia and Taiwan. It is also the debut project of director by Håkon Liu. The script was written directly by the actress Pernilla August.


Miss Kicki (Pernilla August) is in love. The object of her affections is Mr. Chang (Eric Tsang), a charming Taiwanese businessman whom she met through the Internet. Kicki decides to pay her digital paramour a surprise visit, but she hates traveling alone, so she brings along 16-year old Viktor (Ludwig Palmell). Viktor is more than just her traveling companion, however; he is her long-estranged son. The trip is the perfect opportunity for Kicki to meet the man she loves and rebuild her strained relationship, but when Viktor discovers her scheme he becomes upset. Now Kicki has to prove both to her son and herself that she is finally ready to be the mother he has always longed for.

Festivals and Awards:

• Best Actress Award (Pernilla August) - Film Forum Zadar - European Co-Production Competition – 2010
• Rainer Werner Fassbinder Prize - Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival 2010
• Critic's Choice - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010

Airing times

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