Murders in Vienna - Michael Riebl - Austria

Murders in Vienna (Austria, 2011) by Eurochannel

Murders in Vienna

Murder in Vienna

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Murders in Vienna (Murders in Vienna, 2011)

Director: Michael Riebl, Harald Sicheritz
Cast: Harald Krassnitzer, Adele Neuhauser, Rafael Haide
Genre: Action, drama
Length: 90’


Two harrowing murders shake the peaceful life in Vienna. Two cases that prove to be as vicious as mysterious, with puzzling evidence. To solve the most vicious crimes in the city, an elite detective team takes on the challenge to bring capture those behind the crimes. Eurochannel premieres Murders in Vienna, a crime miniseries with the best cases of Europe!

Murders in Vienna follows the criminal investigations of two murders. In the first case, the juror of a talent show is found strangled in his home. What looks like an accidental suicide during a wild sex game, soon turns into an investigation involving most contestants of the show.

The second case sees the team investigating a series of crimes linked to Bulgarian immigrants. All the murders follow the same puzzling pattern but it is clear that some local dark forces are also players in the case.

Depicting the excitement of criminal investigations with the latest techniques and technology, Murders in Vienna also showcases the struggles that European cops have to face at work. Through different characters, we get to see the incompetent, the corrupted, and the efficient side of the police force in action!

Part 1: The Vienna Connection
The suicide investigation of a famous music manager takes a murky turn when a note is found inside his throat.

Part 2: Talent to Kill 
A multinational police force hunts down an elusive serial killer that terrorizes Vienna.

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