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No One Can Brush My Hair Like the Wind - Italy



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No One Can Brush My Hair Like the Wind (Nessuno mi pettina bene come il vento, 2014)

Director: Peter Del Monte
Cast: Laura Morante, Denisa Andreena Savin, Jacopo Olmo Antinori
Genre: Drama


Eurochannel presents No One Can Brush My Hair Like the Wind, a film that portrays the lives of many lonely souls in a desperate search for company.

Directed by Peter Del Monte, who won the prize for the Best Artistic Contribution at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, No One Can Brush My Hair Like the Wind is an Italian film that tells the story of Ariana, a writer who retires to live in solitude, locking herself up after separating from her husband. However, as the plot develops, she begins to share her life with a 10-year-old girl who unexpectedly happens to stay at her house.

Gently intriguing and driven by the mesmerizing performances from lead actresses Laura Morante and Denisa Andreena Savin, No One Can Brush My Hair Like the Wind is set near the seaside close to Rome, in Santa Marinella. In such a mesmerizing landscape, Peter Del Monte goes beyond drama to propose a reflection on understanding how culture, intelligence, and sensitivity are still able to give us the right tools to change the world.

Taking the title from an aphorism of the great Milanese poetess Alda Merini, No One Can Brush My Hair Like the Wind is a movie about stereotypes and the struggle to find meaning and happiness in life's monotony.


The difficult relationship between a woman writer who lives in solitude and a young girl who comes bursting into her life.

Airing times

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