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Prosperity (2007)

Director: Lenny Abrahamson Diesen
Cast: Gary Egan, Siobhan Shanahan, Diveen Henry, Shane Thornton


A child becomes a mother and the bullied takes on the role of the bully. An alcoholic father is intent on setting an example and an African emigrant seeks to integrate into a hostile society. Eurochannel delves deep into the beating heart of Irish culture. Meet four characters, worlds apart and yet united, by their continuous struggle to survive.

Orchestrated by creative geniuses at the hubristic heights of the Celtic Tiger, Prosperity provides a gritty focus on modern European marginal lives. The feature offers a unique and never-before-seen perspective on the reality of modern Irish society. A profound counter narrative perfectly relays the dominant ethos of self-congratulation and conspicuous consumption.

Each episode offers a deeply sobering tale; some individuals scraping by – others falling by the wayside. Conceived in the mould of Irish traditional writing, Prosperity is as thought provoking as it is emotionally engaging; beginning with its ironic title. Compelling tales from complex characters in impossible situations reveal recognizable issues that go beyond clichés.

As a state-of-art production premiering on Irish television, Prosperity was nominated for six Irish Film and Television Awards in 2008 and won in two categories, Best Directing for Lenny Abrahamson, and Best Script for Mark O'Halloran.

Episode 1- Stacey's Story

Stacey (Siobhan Shanahan) is 17. She has a three month old baby and is living in emergency accommodation. Stacey's day consists of wasting time. Wasting time waiting for Dean (Diarmuid Noyes), her boyfriend, to call her and spend some time together; wasting time waiting for her emergency dole; wasting time walking around the shops with no money; wasting time until the day is over and she can go to bed and wait for another one to begin.

Episode 2 - Gavin's Story

Gavin (Shane Thornton), 14, has a severe and debilitating stutter and has endured terrible bullying as a result. Sometimes Gavin is a needy child, but he can also be an aggressive teenager. His day begins with an argument with his mother about money. As a result he goes on the mitch with his best friend Conor (Leroy Harrisx|) and they steal a rabbit. A visit with his estranged father sends Gavin into a dark mood. Later, when they meet an older, tougher boy, Conor shifts allegiance and together they taunt Gavin.

Episode 3 - Georgie's Story

Estranged from his long term partner Tina (Andrea Kelly) and alienated from the "booming" economy, Georgie (Gary Egan) is unemployed, living with his elderly mother and struggling with a drink problem. Throughout the day, Georgie wanders about the city, falling further into depression as feelings of failure and inadequacy consume him. He can't get a job, and without any prospect of a job, he can't get the dole. When his young son tells him he no longer wants to be collected, Georgie loses his head and takes it out on Tina's new partner Victor (Karl Shiels) in a horrible, violent and bloody fight.

Episode 4 - Pala's Story

Pala (Diveen Henry) is an asylum seeker and desperately alone in Ireland. She spends her day trying to scrape together enough money to send home to her young son Joseph in Nigeria. Today is Joseph's birthday, but when Pala tries to phone her son she is cut off. That night she goes to her job as a cleaner where she meets a kind man working overtime. The man kisses her and they have sex. Afterwards, Pala is faced with a dilemma when she discovers the man has left some money on the desk.

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