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Salvation (Ukraine, 2018) by Eurochannel

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Genre: Drama


Yulia is a young ballerina trying to live up to her mother's expectations. Tired of the pressure, she attempts suicide. The tragic event turns into a meeting that will forever change her life. Eurochannel premieres Salvation, an uplifting drama about love at first sight!

Salvation follows the unlikely romantic story of Yulia and Roman. In this riveting new Eurochannel exclusive you will realize how an unexpected meeting can drastically change one's destiny, how sudden love can cancel a marriage of convenience, and how those who yesterday were strangers can become lovers, relatives, or enemies.

One morning the destinies of Yulia and Roman are set for them. While she is anxious about a ballet audition at the country’s leading ballet company, he is getting ready for his wedding day. Things don’t go right for Julia at the audition, and she decides to put an end to end her life. When she jumps from a bridge and falls on Roman’s car, she does not only cause a fateful accident but changes her destiny and brings unexpected discoveries about her future and her past.

Salvation promises romance, drama, and plot twists… and it delivers! While Roman and Yulia recover in hospital, the truth behind his marriage comes to light. It’s all an intricate game of power, money, and greed that he will only get away from by meeting Yulia!

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy one of the greatest romantic stories of European television in recent years. Join this poignant journey of never-ending love as Yulia and Roman discover their feelings and the truth behind their families!

Episode 1

Yulia participates in the ballerinas' selection: the best will go on foreign tours. Realizing that her mother will not forgive her for her failure, she decides to jump from a bridge.

Episode 2

In the hospital, Yulia tells the doctors that she does not remember who she is. Her mother is trying to find where Yuliana is.

Episode 3

Yulia is released from the hospital and is forced to train because the mother wants her daughter to go through a casting. Roman calls off his wedding after meeting Yulia.

Episode 4

Roman's father tries to convince him not to make mistakes but the young man is in love with Yulia. Photos of Roman and Yulia get to the press and the groom's family faces a scandal.

Airing times

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