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School Is Over (La scuola e' finita, 2010)

Director: Valerio Jalongo
Cast: Valeria Golino, Vincenzo Amato, Fulvio Forti
Genre: Drama 


Some people say that school days are the best day of our lives . . . but there are plenty of exceptions. Eurochannel invites you into the world of an Italian high school to meet a youngster on the verge of becoming a drug dealer in School Is Over.

Directed by Valerio Jalongo, School Is Over presents the story of Alex, one of the most difficult students in his school. So difficult, in fact, that his two teachers, Aldo and Daria, give him extra special attention. The pair – once married – see a second chance for their relationship thanks to Alex and their joint responsibility to him.

Using his prominent documentarist background, Valerio Jalongo marks this production with an irresistible and gritty, realistic style. Such an approach, enriched by the remarkable performances of Valeria Golino and Vincenzo Amato, makes School Is Over a counterstatement to the uplifting message of school-themed movies like Dead Poets Society.

School Is Over boasts a diverse soundtrack, which ranges from rock to the sound of crackling interference through an amp, which ironically well for this realistic and emotional story.

Welcome back to school and relive those joyful and mischievous days alongside its protagonists.


When chronically bored student Alex (Fulvio Forti) seems to have no future, two of his teachers take the challenge to help him discover the motivation he lacks. The teachers, a couple in the middle of their divorce, will fight to impose the best way to make Alex a promising student.

Festivals and Awards:

• Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2011 - Nominated for the Silver Ribbon Award for Best Score
• Rome Film Fest 2010 - Nominated - Golden Marc'Aurelio Award

Airing times

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