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Second Chance (Toisen kanssa, 2014)

Director: Lauri Nurkse
Cast: Krista Kosonen, Mikko Leppilampi, Laura Malmivaara
Genre: Drama


Eurochannel invites you to enjoy an exclusive and poignant family drama, and one of the most successful Finnish series of 2014: Second Chance.

In Second Chance, everything is about new beginnings. The beautiful protagonist, Saara, a social worker whose job entails improving families’ lives, longs for a child after 10 years of her idyllic marriage. Sadly, in her last attempt doctors reveal a paining truth: she cannot get pregnant and there is no treatment available for her and Saara agrees to accept a new life knowing she will never become a mother.

Such a new beginning offers new challenges, problems and temptations. Lust and desire take over Saara; after a birthday party, knowing of her infertility, she takes revenge on her husband having a one night stand only to lead her to a new puzzling world. A new life will begin for Saara after discovering she is pregnant and her personal life is at stake.

Loyal to the drama genre, Second Chance is a familiar series that tackles with the most drastic situations. By dealing with juvenile conflicts, a hysteric ex-wife, a martyred mother-in-law, and grandparents who desire to regain their own youth and freedom, Saara confronts a special social case, which is connected to her own dilemmas, in each episode.

This series proves that sometimes the things we long for the most might happen in ways we could never imagine.


Saara (Krista Kosonen), a social worker, has longed for a child for some time. Nothing happens, until one summer night a guy called Matti (Mikko Nousianen) swims towards her at a lake. As a result, Saara learns that she is not infertile at all. Being pregnant is a dream come true for Saara, but not for her husband Touko (Mikko Leppilampi). And her one night stand has such a common name that he won’t be easy to find either.

Episode 1    

Saara (Krista Kosonen) and Touko (Mikko Leppilampi) are trying to get their marriage back on track. Saara gets her wish, but in a way she did not want. Saara’s work in child protective services is also challenging, as the little girl Olivia (AamuMilonoff) wants to move back in with her parents.

Episode 2    

Touko’s (Mikko Leppilampi) happiness is crushed. How will the people in Saara’s(Krista Kosonen)life take the news? Who is the father of Saara’s child? Saara’s sister wants some time off of her family. At work Saara questions herself, is one safe parent enough for a child?

Episode 3   

Touko (Mikko Leppilampi) makes a clean break. Saara(Krista Kosonen)realizes that she is on her own, with no support. Helena draws strict boundaries. Susanna (Miina Maasola) and Pekka (Juha-Pekka Mikkola) find a surprising way to take care of their relationship. The father is summoned to take responsibility.

Episode 4    

Saara(Krista Kosonen) and Matti(MikkoNousianen)try to establish some guide rules. Reluctantly, Helena (Laura Malmivaara) accompanies Saara to the prenatal classes. Saara decides to get by on her own, but the stress proves too great.

Episode 5    

Saara(Krista Kosonen)and Matti(MikkoNousianen)try to get re-acquainted, but a working relationship proves difficult. Matti’s children find out about Saara. Helena (Laura Malmivaara) re-evaluates her choices. A surprise guest turns up at the family wedding. At work, an old case is re-opened.

Episode 6    

Saara (Krista Kosonen) and Matti’s (Mikko Nousianen) past rises to the surface. Saara takes the lead and decides to fix things between Matti and Sari. Sari finds out that Saara is pregnant. Saara gets a present and apologizes, but is there a happy ending?

Awards and Festivals:

• Kultainen Venla 2015
 - Best Actress Award (Paras naisnäyttelijä) - Krista Kosonen
 - Best Actor Nomination (Paras miesnäyttelijä) - Mikko Nousiainen

Airing times

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