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Secret Versailles

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Secret Versailles

Director: Frederic Wilner

For many years the Chateau de Versailles has been observed solely from the perspective of art history. But that is to ignore the most exciting aspect of its uncommon and timeless heritage. For the Chateau also offers an insight into the morals of the court, of how absolute power was exercised and of course a wonderful description of the society at the time.

The viewpoints of a number of people, direct descendants who assume the inheritance of their ancestors from the great century contribute to secret Versailles, a film that draws a portrait of French royalty and recounts some of the epic chapters of the nation's history.

In the company of Pierre-Andre Lablaude, chief architect responsible for historical monuments, we will visit the royal gardens and also with Catharine Hamilton, an American whose association sponsors the restoration of the famous three fountains copse.

We will discover the Palace, its construction and its secrets, as well as its styles, its codes and its reputation for fine living. Jean-Eric Ougier, who organises shows in the gardens at night, is a mine of information about this high society aspect of the Chateau

We will recall the great entertainments of the Court of Versailles, the spectacular scenes that did so much to spread its reputation and inspire the architecture and way of life that characterises the 2nd half of Louis XIV's reign.


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