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Gypsies in Cinema
3 Must-See Movies with Romanis at the Centre of the Story

Shanghai Dynasty (Sanghaj, 2012)

Director: Marko Nabersnik
Cast: Visar Vishka, Asli Bayram, Senad Basic
Genre: Drama


In a small Slovenian village, a drastic change is about to take place. When Ujas Mirgas decides to leave the country to avoid shaming his family, nobody expected his return would change the fate of his community. In four generations, the Mirgas turned poverty into wealth . . . but the price of success is very high. Eurochannel premieres Shanghai Dynasty!

After Shanghai Dynasty, gypsy stereotypes will be forever forgotten. In the movie, Lutvija Belmondo Mirga narrates the rise and fall of his family in four generations. As the leading character and central hero of the story, he becomes a gypsy king. His reputation as a tradesman leads him to the peak in Italy so he moves back to Slovenia to create a Romani village: Shanghai.

Belmondo makes a living from smuggling and his power and influence grow larger by the day. He even gets local police and politicians on his side, becoming untouchable by the law. But with the downfall of Yugoslavia, smuggling of goods is replaced by weapons smuggling. Though lucrative, the business starts to threaten Belmondo’s personal life and he finds himself at a crossroads. Will he protect his own family or is he going to sacrifice his personal happiness to ambition?

Shanghai Dynasty is a story about our eternal longing for happiness. It is also a tale of love and family ties, in which tears are mixed with laughter. The story is set during the collapse of Yugoslavia, when many people had forgotten that the beauty of life actually lies in small things. The movie became one of the most successful Slovenian movies in recent years, and won the Best Screenplay Award at the Montreal World Film Festival 2012.

Plunge into a unique community and discover the lives of four generations of a Romani family. As drama roils the serene atmosphere of their community and success in commerce turns into a nightmare of illegal trade, crime and drugs, the saga of the Mirga family reveals that hope and sorrow are often intertwined.


Lutvija Belmondo Mirga (Visar Vishka) narrates a story of four generations of a gypsy family. After finding success in trading goods, he plunges into crime by smuggling arms during the fall of Yugoslavia. In the end, he will have to decide between his family and his money.

Awards and Festivals:

• Montreal World Film Festival 2012
- Best Screenplay - Winner
- Grand Prix des Amériques – Nominated

• Slovene Film Festival 2012
- Best Supporting Actress – Winner
- Best Makeup - Winner
- Director – Nominated

• South East European Film Festival Paris 2013
- Best Film – Winner
- Best Music - Winner

• Film Fest Kosova 2013
- Best Actor - Winner
- Best Actress - Winner

Airing times

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