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Silent Night, Bloody Night (La nuit du réveillon, 2014)

Director: Serge Meynard
Cast: Quentin Baillot, Armelle Deutsch, Jean-Pierre Lorit
Genre: Thriller, drama


It’s Christmas Eve and a family expects the greatest night of their lives. Santa Claus is coming to town with a special surprise for the Boutonniers! But his visit doesn’t include gifts; instead, the night turns into a tense and terrifying experience this family will never forget. Eurochannel premieres Silent Night, Bloody Night!

Silent Night, Bloody Night is a French thriller full of surprises. As Pierre and Patricia Boutonnier await friends for a memorable supper, the first to appear is a man in a Santa Claus costume. He is not there as part of the festivities, but to take the family into an atmosphere of terror. Friends arrive and the night becomes long as the kidnaper forces everyone in the house to reveal their darkest secrets if they want to see a new morning.

Playing with the psyche of both the protagonists and the viewers, Silent Night, Bloody Night proposes a fierce criticism of the establishment. All these friends hide secrets and unspoken problems with their families, in sex, of money, and power. They all prove to live a reality different from the appearances they hide behind to protect themselves.

Eurochannel invites you a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas dinner with a group of friends that will reveal their darkest secrets to survive the most terrifying of nights!    


A family organizes an unforgettable Christmas supper for their closest friends. Over the course of the night, an evil criminal disguised as Santa Claus will force them to reveal their lies, resentment and cowardice.

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