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Simon’s Law: The Man in Black (La Loi de Simon, 2016)

Director: Didier Le Pêcheur
Cast: Daniel Prévost, Nicolas Gob, Chloé Stefani
Genre: Drama   


After Barbara’s Law and Alexandre’s Law, the lawyers’ cycle continues with a thrilling new story and a new attorney who will stop at nothing to make sure justice is servedin every case he takes. Discover an intriguing case spiced by religion, murder, greed and doubts in Simon’s Law: The Man in Black!

Simon’s Law: The Man in Black continues the success of its prequels as one of the most praised television endeavors undertaken in France in recent years. In this production, Simon, a successful lawyer, is more concerned about the numbers in his bank account than justice in the tribunals. He is cynical, ruthless, and does everything in his power to win every case!

Upholding the ideal of casting an icon of French acting for the main role, Simon’s Law: The Man in Black stars the one and only Daniel Prévost, a César Award winner in 1999 for The Dinner Game. Simon’s Law is directed by Didier Le Pêcheur, who also directed the three episodes of Barbara’s Law, the production that started this successful film series.

Come discover the truth behind one ofthe most troubling cases in French cinema and learn the life-changing verdict awaiting Simon’s client!


Simon Varlet (Daniel Prévost) is a brilliant and cynical lawyer, more sensitive to the amount of his fees than to the interest of justice or upholding business ethics. Overwhelmed by his caseload,thepresident of the bar commits him to undertaking the defense of Philippe Moreau (Nicolas Gob), a young priest accused of killing one of his parishioners.

Airing times

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