Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 1 – The Dreamers

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Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 1 – The Dreamers

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its sixth edition, with a special programming theme: Youth in Europe.

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is already a successful Eurochannel trademark. As a unique event, the tour invites viewers and talented directors on a stirring tour of Europe through short films: directors will be the guides and viewers will be touring through their screens. Almost every European country is represented in this edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour - each of whose film is broadcast in its original language and subtitled in English - as an example of its creativity and dynamism.


Queen For a Day (Dronning for en dag, 2013)

Director: Marianne Hansen


Sara is the odd one out, being the only blond and blue-eyed girl in her class, and she is completely overlooked by the popular kids, also known as the kings and queens. One day, she eyes an opportunity to boost her popularity and become queen - if only for a day.

Biography - Marianne Hansen

Go up

Go Up! (Go Up!, 2013)

Director: Roman Kayumov


This is a story about a man, who didn't want to accept himself as he was. So the world didn't want to accept him either. The guy refused from the real life and created a new personality on the Internet, just the opposite to his own one. In his virtual world he is smart, successful and vigorous, as soon as in reality he is a miserable outcast, suffering from obesity. He lives a solitary Internet-dependent way of life, going out for the only reason of his - to make his ritual - to injure the pride of beautiful successful girls, asked out for a date with a ruggedly handsome man. But there is a bright feeling in his life.

Biography - Roman Kayumov


Ephemereal (Efímera, 2012)
Spain: Madrid

Director: Diego Modino


Alicia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. In the cozy windmill where she lives with her grandmother, she impatiently waits for the moment to go for the long-awaited audition. But out there, the world is not as idyllic as she thinks.

Biography - Diego Modino


Matilde (Matilde, 2013)
Italy: Bologna

Director: Vito Palmieri


Despite a shy nature, Matilde is a child with a dynamic intelligence and a strong spirit. In her classroom, however, something is upsetting her. Combining the suggestions received from her teacher, the interest in the tools of a hairdresser mother and her passion for tennis, Matilde looks for a drastic and original solution to find the serenity.

Biography - Vito Palmieri


Abrupt (Abrupt, 2012)

Director: Danial Chuhan


Joel is a man who is tired of his nine-to-five job and starts thinking of his childhood dream of becoming an actor. One evening he encounters a mysterious man named Drago. After this, Joel's life will never be the same.

Speed dating

Speed Dating (Speed Dating, 2013)
France: Indian Ocean

Director: Béryl Coutat


Joy, a young woman looking for love, goes to her best friend's bar to participate in a very special speed dating. After several failures, she will meet the man she was looking for, the one who she missed him…

blue uniform

Blue Uniform (Mavi Onluk, 2012)

Director: Hakan Kerim Karademir


Influenced by the topic on solidarity in the social studies class, Ali tries to help a boy who cannot afford to go to school. Ali brings a school uniform for this boy to go to school and gives him a ball so he can play and enjoy things what primary school kids do, as opposed to working like an adult. However, will Ali’s help reach the result he has intended?

Biography - Hakan Kerim Karademir



Coda (Coda, 2012)

Director: Jonathan Tomlin


A young woman is traveling alone through Eastern Europe with nothing but her violin. She awakens one morning in a train station in Budapest. Penniless alone, she is ready to give up on her travels, but with no money to buy a ticket home she is trapped in the station. She plays her violin to the passersby in the station, but no one pays her any attention or money until one person; a curious Little Girl approaches and offers a donation that has a profound and dramatic effect on the Violinist.

Biography - Jonathan Tomlin

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