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Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 2 – The Outsiders

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Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 2 – The Outsiders

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its sixth edition, with a special programming theme: Youth in Europe.

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is already a successful Eurochannel trademark. As a unique event, the tour invites viewers and talented directors on a stirring tour of Europe through short films: directors will be the guides and viewers will be touring through their screens. Almost every European country is represented in this edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour - each of whose film is broadcast in its original language and subtitled in English - as an example of its creativity and dynamism.


Zinneke (Zinneke, 2013)
Belgium: Wallonia

Director: Rémi Allier


Nine year-old Thomas spends most of his days at the flea market closely observing the Wheeling's and dealings of the market's sellers. His desire to be one of them leads him to embark on a one-night adventure that overwhelms him.

Biography - Rémi Allier


Prora (Prora, 2012)
Switzerland: Geneva

Director: Stephane Riethauser


Prora, on the Baltic Sea. Mysterious, endless. In this deserted former Nazi holiday camp and communist military complex, teenagers Jan and Matthieu embark on an adventure that puts their friendship at risk.

Biography - Stephane Riethauser


Wonderland (Wonderland, 2012)

Director: Peter Kerek


A bottle of Pepsi was in communist Romania any child’s dream. Istvan, 9, is lucky to find such a bottle in the house of a security officer, who is in charge for his and his mother`s emigration to the F.R. of Germany..

Biography - Peter Kerek


Gabin the Mime Artist (Gabin le mime, 2012)
France: Languedoc-Roussillon

Director: Cyril Rigon


Gabin is a young clown who finds happiness in the glance of the spectators when he executes his number. One day, while he removes his make-up in his caravan, something seems to frighten Camille, his chimpanzee. In the early hours, he discovers in the newspaper a series of murders.


Jacobo (Jacobo, 2012)
Spain: Almería

Director: David del Águila


Jacobo must to take the most difficult decision of his life.

Biography - David del Águila


Live (Vivre, 2011)
France: Atlantic Ocean

Director: Maharaki


A teacher asks her class: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While his joyful classmates respond, Tom, a quiet 10-year-old boy, slips away.

Biography - Maharaki

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The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its fifth edition, with a special programming theme: European women with … And God Created European Woman.

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