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Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 7 – The Younger Generation

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Sixth Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 7 – The Younger Generation

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is back for its sixth edition, with a special programming theme: Youth in Europe.

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour is already a successful Eurochannel trademark. As a unique event, the tour invites viewers and talented directors on a stirring tour of Europe through short films: directors will be the guides and viewers will be touring through their screens. Almost every European country is represented in this edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour - each of whose film is broadcast in its original language and subtitled in English - as an example of its creativity and dynamism.


Ronaldo (Ronaldo, 2010)
Switzerland: Zurich

Director: Jan Mettler, Jan-Eric Mack


A boy dreams of being a great soccer star. One morning he leaves the anonymity of his gray suburbs to enter the glaring light of the stadium. There he meets an unexpected opponent who puts him to the test. 

pick up artist

The Pick-Up Artist (Der Aufreißer, 2006)
Germany: Berlin

Director: Steffen Weinert


Olli only wanted to have noncommittal, anonymous sex. But when he went out the door, the daughter of his “Pick-Up” crosses his way. Six-year-old Yvonne is not happy with the unlucky love life of her mother and has decided to find a real boyfriend for her… and for herself, a new dad.

Biography - Steffen Weinert


The Swimmer (Plaukikė, 2013)

Director: Gabrielė Urbonaitė


Ariel, a young and promising swimmer, spends her summer preparing for the upcoming Olympics. In the pool, she meets Grete, who has just started swimming lessons. Despite the age difference, the two become friends, as Ariel helps Grete to overcome her fear of jumping into the water. However, Ariel's leg ache becomes more and more painful.

Biography - Gabrielė Urbonaitė

sound of people

The Sound of People (2007)

Director: Simon Fitzmaurice


The story of a moment in the life of an eighteen-year-old boy, standing on the brink between life and death.

Biography - Simon Fitzmaurice


Through You (2013)
Netherlands: Utrecht

Director: Lucette Braune


On her way to do some simple grocery shopping, a girl literally has to struggle through her fellow beings. Some of those people tend to leave a mark, but only one person leaves a mark that sticks.

Biography - Lucette Braune


Little Darling (Balavica, 2013)

Director: Igor Mirković


Two kids at the top of a skyscraper. A view of the sea. He is Tom Sawyer and she is Alice in Wonderland. They walk along the edge of the roof, doing everything they’re not supposed to. In that hot summer, left under the care of her grandma, she will feel love for the first time. Luckily, grandma doesn’t have a clue about it; she barely leaves the apartment. Her parents are absent; they talk over phone and we notice that they’re hiding something.

Biography - Igor Mirković


Phony War (Drôle de guerre, 2013)
France: Bourgogne

Director: Simon Panay


As his ill mother is hospitalized, young Matis must stay at his grandfather’s for a few days. To escape boredom, he plays with some of his grandfather’s things he finds: an old gun and a Resistance medal.

Cat in bag


Cat in the Bag (Kaķis maisā, 2013)
Latvia / Estonia

Director: Nils Skapāns


It is nice and fun to have a cat (or some other pet) at home to play with. The trusting cat also thinks to himself: it's so great to be home… until the moment it realizes that it is trapped in a bag, somewhere out on the street, all alone. Nevertheless, all’s well that ends well.

Biography - Biography - Nils Skapāns

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