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Some Place Else (15 jours ailleurs, 2012)

Director: Didier Bivel
Cast: Didier Bourdon, Judith Chemla, Agathe Dronne, Bernard Verley
Genre: Drama


Modern day professionals are about results. Whoever doesn’t deliver the desired results is constantly under scrutiny at their company and their job is at risk. Eurochannel presents a French drama about a man who cracks under the pressure of his job and is taken Some Place Else.

Directed by Didier Bivel and starring Didier Bourdon, Some Place Else tells the story of Vincent, a man under unbearable pressure and unfair competition from a young assistant. He suffers a burnout during an office meeting and is put in a psychiatric hospital. Abandoned by the care team and overwhelmed, he befriends Helen, a psychotic young woman who is the only one to make him talk, to cheer him up.

The film tackles an issue of deep concern in modern France and Europe - depression due to excessive work or unemployment, resulting in mental illness, even suicide. According to the protagonist Didier Bourdon, “one in 15 French persons is affected by a mental illness at one time or another; one in 10 develop professional exhaustion syndrome and 30% of homeless people are mentally ill”.

Some Place Else was filmed in an active mental hospital, which helped Bourdon achieve his outstanding performance. Coming from comedic roles, the protagonist made a fantastic debut in drama, demonstrated by his winning the Best Actor Award at Luchon Festival, 2013.

Eurochannel invites you to ponder a preoccupying issue of modernity with a movie that offers a reflection on how much pressure can workers handle at their jobs, and when it affects one’s health and personal life.


Vincent has a burn-out at the office, and his wife has him committed to a mental hospital against his will. Once there, he makes friends with a deranged young woman eager to escape so she can see her child again. She persuades Vincent to run away with her. It's a trip that will take them far beyond their intended destination.

Awards and Festivals:

• Best Actor Award at Luchon Festival 2013
• Best Supporting Actress at Luchon Festival 2013
• Best Actress at The Golden Laurels of Radio and TV 2014

Airing times

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