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They are one of the most traditional Italian bands. Experienced, fresh, fearless, and creative, Stadio has paved its own way to the top of Italian music. With their stunning beats, they are on Eurochannel to prove why in their 2016 comeback, they triumphed at the San Remo Music Festival.

Formed in 1977 in Bologne, Stadio was originally conceived as an accompanying band for the legendary Lucio Dalla. But music grapples deep in some hearts and the members of Stadio decided not only to be the touring band for Dalla, but to start producing their own material. By 1980 they had already started touring on their own with a self-titled debut LP, and by 1982, they made it to the top of the Italian charts with the single “Allo Stadio”.

After numerous comings and goings of band members, Stadio still remains a favorite band amongst Italians – almost reaching cult status. The band stopped working with Dalla in the early 1990s, moved to a new label, EMI, and scored its biggest hit in a decade with the single "Ballando al Buio."

Having topped the charts multiple times in their home country, Stadio still remains unknown to many music lovers across the globe. That is why Eurochannel celebrates the band’s triumphant return in 2016 as they won as Best Artist at the 2016 San Remo Music Festival.


Stadio are an Italian band formed in 1977. The current members are Giovanni Pezzoli (drums), Roberto Drovandi (bass guitar), Andrea Fornili (guitar), and Gaetano Curreri (vocals and keyboard). Stadio started as the band accompanying Lucio Dalla and then started producing their own music.

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