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Stolen Innocence (BitterSüß, 2016)

Director: Krishna Ashu Bhati
Cast: Lisa Brand, Manuel Cortez, Jessy Moravec
Genre: Crime, Drama
Length: 95’


Does love have a price tag? Does hate last forever? When do lose our innocence? The answers are as revealing as troubling in this poignant production depicting the hurdles of many youngsters in Europe. Eurochannel premieres Stolen Innocence, a moving drama about a young girl trying to become an adult in a world that seems to be against her.

Stolen Innocence is a coming-of-age story that follows Mina, a rebellious teen who faces a life-changing decision. After an argument with her parents, she moves in with her sister. Needed of love, Mina's romance with a playboy DJ leads her to help him raise 11,000 Euros. How far will she have to go to pay the burdensome debt?

With a clear influence of social realist cinema and the works of legendary filmmakers such as Ken Loach, Stolen Innocence has been praised by the specialized press for depicting a European reality that is sometimes hidden behind the continent’s strong economy.

The Hollywood Reporter described the movie as “an ambitiously crafted drama that makes revealing statements about affluent capitalist societies and the clash of old and new values.”

Through the story of Mina, the film portrays the lives of many youngsters who try to escape the realities of their homes and gain independence. Sometimes, that leads them to wrong decisions and deep regret. In Mina’s case, she will go to the extremest of lengths to save the man she believes is “the one”.

Eurochannel invites you to discover an often unseen world of fear and decadence. Beyond the trendy stores, high-end fashion, famous welfare, and apparent perfect conditions, this movie will reveal the struggles of a generation trying to find their place in the world.

A rebellious teenage girl faces an impossible choice. Lose the man she loves or join a virginity auction to save him from a lethal debt.

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