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Struggle for Life - Norway

Struggle for Life (Norway, 2014) by Eurochannel










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Interview with Bartek Kaminski

Interview with Ola G. Furuseth

Interview with Marit Moum Aune

Struggle for Life (Kampen for tilværelsen, 2014)

Director: Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, Erlend Loe, Per Schreiner
Cast: Bartek Kaminski, Ola G. Furuseth, Tone Beate Mostraum, Trine Wiggen
Genre: Drama


Welcome to Norway alongside Tomasz Novak, an unemployed linguist leaving in Poland with his girlfriend and young daughter!  He has no money and a dwindling hope for a decent life for his family. Now in Norway he is set for a new adventure that will change his and the community’s lives forever. Eurochannel premieres Struggle for Life.

Beautifully filmed, Struggle for Life, is a touching and witty comedy drama about the quest to achieve happiness and the search for a better life, setting so-called “middle class” problems against the struggle to survive.

In the series, Tomasz Novak - portrayed magnificently by an actual Polish immigrant in Norway, actor Bartek Kaminski – finds no jobs in his native Poland.  His hopes are fading and he fears for his family. Moving to Norway to get hold of what he believes to be easy money from a father he has never met, Tomasz’s becomes increasingly integrated into Norwegian society, represented by a privileged and well-intentioned group of citizens in Oslo’s affluent townhouse area. They, in the absence of real problems, are experts at creating their own.

According to its creators, including screenwriter and filmmaker Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, Struggle for Life is about the current mental state of Norwegians. In this world of wealth and stability, a totally different type of anxiety and paranoia appears to spice things up.

Enjoy a riveting comedy that affectionately and poignantly studies our modern problems and behaviors, and asks viewers to see them through the eyes of those not so fortunate.


Linguist Tomasz Novak (Bartek Kaminski) travels from Warsaw to Norway to collect what he believes is some easy money from a father he has never met. Along the way he becomes more integrated in the Norwegian society, represented by a privileged and well-meaning group of citizens, which in the absence of real problems, are experts at creating their own ones.

S01 Ep 1: The Future Paradigm

The young Polish scholar Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) travel to Norway to collect money from a father he has never met. Arriving in Oslo he comes in contact with a privileged and well-meaning group of citizens in Ullevål Hageby. It is a sympathetic elite that lacks real problems and are good at creating their own.

S01 Ep 2: The Good Luck Troll

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) arrives to Ullevål Hageby to collect tge money from his father. He gets his first job as a craftsman, and meets the Norwegian middle class. When he is accused of theft, it turns out that he has already gained two friends in Norway.

S01 Ep 3:  The Puppy

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) gets a new job opportunity building a kitchen but lacks a ruler. In Ullevål Hageby, the Rotevatn family learn that their son, Sveinung, is bullied at school. They decide that the family will finally get a dog.

S01 Ep 4: The Bicycle Thief

As punishment for a mistake, Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) must steal bikes for Bartosz (Janusz Chabior), but he decides to run away. In Ullevål Hageby, Jørgen (Øystein Røger) and Anitra (Lena Kristin Ellingsen) go to marital therapy.

S01 Ep 5: The 500-note

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) finds a job parking cars at Gardermoen Airport. A tragic accident occurs when he is trying to park some cars. He is fired and does not know what to do. Hugo (Mads Ousdal) is at a children's birthday party with his little son and participates in a game of hide-and-seek. He hides so well that no one can find him, and the police must be called.

S01 Ep 6: Time for Tears

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) almost freezes to death, but is rescued by Anneli (Kjersti Sandal), who wants them to become lovers. Vidkun (Ola G. Furuseth) visits his doctor for an itchy rash. At his work as a dentist, he makes a drilling mistake, faints and taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Line (Tone Beate Mostraum) and the kids go to the hospital and learn that it is not certain that Vidkun will survive.

S01 Ep 7: Sex and Society

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) receives a tip and seeks a bus driver that might be his father. The man, Yngve (Ingar Helge Gimle) is very nice, but Tomasz do not think there is much of a resemblance and wants a DNA test. Vidkun (Ola G. Furuseth) offers a good explanation of his mysterious illness.

S01 Ep 8:  Who Is Your Daddy Now?

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) immerses himself into a romantic adventure. Karianne (Trine Wiggen) buys a new expensive car with lots of gadgets, but soon finds herself locked in the car. Hugo (Mads Ousdal) and Suzy (Nini Bakke Kristiansen) agree to forget the problems of last episode, since a Satanist has confessed. Christian earns a lot of money for his mobile app and buys his parents' apartment.

Season 2

S02 Ep 1: Korak

At Ullevål Hageby, as in the rest of the world, time passes by. Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) lands a job at the Institute of Linguistics and Nordic Studies, although this may not be exactly the job he was hoping for. Anneli (Kjersti Sandal) meets her son. Suzy (Nini Bakke Kristiansen) and Hugo (Mads Ousdal) are processing the loss of a mother and a spouse. The others have their own trials and tribulations to cope with.

S02 E2: Empathy for Beginners

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) experiences a monetary shortfall and must make a final attempt to find his father. He contacts Hugo (Mads Ousdal) and learns that there are many fatherhood candidates. Hugo feels a kind of responsibility and gathers the old Auschwitz gang. Jørgen (Øystein Røger) gets a chance to relaunch his film,Spring, and restore his lost glory. Bartosh struggles to become Norwegian enough and Jens Christian (Peder Gehrken Bøyum) finds an orphaned hedgehog.  

S02 E3: The Family

Aksel Bruvik (Christian Skolmen) has to mediate between nervous residents and the Muslim caretaker. Tomasz(Bartek Kaminski) finally makes contact with his biological father and presents him with the fatherhood budget. The father does not find it wholly unfair, but he may have to sell a cottage that he is emotionally tied to. Line (Tone Beate Mostraum) figures out that if everyone thinks it is okay that she is not a perfect mother, she canspend even more time on her music.

S02 E4: Intercourse

The pleasant Muslim wants to have intercourse. Mr. and Mrs. Kiran have opened the doors to their hearts and expanded their swinger affairs to include a third person. Jørgen (Øystein Røger) finally has a premiere for the film he has worked on for 15 years and believeshe has been so skillful that he deserves to sleep with someone.

S02 E5: A Large Number of Abuses

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) gets in touch with his old girlfriend in Poland, who has ended up in the family way. Jens Christian (Peder Gehrken Bøyum) begins to get tired of having the house full of Krishna's, and finally finds a use for hisfather. Jørgen (Øystein Røger) discovers that his career might be over, but fortunately, there is the NRK DramaDepartment, a place where the second best, the runners-up, may do their thing. Line(Tone Beate Mostraum) is portrayed on Anitra's show and starts to enjoy the limelight.

S02 E6: Germany, Germany, Germany

At Ullevål Hageby, the problems are both large and small. Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) solves an unsolvable riddle. Bjørn(Anders Mordal) sells his cabin. Jens Christian (Peder Gehrken Bøyum) gives away all his money. Vidkun (Ola G. Furuseth) finally tells the truth about himself, but nobody listens.

S02 E7: Sex and Religion

Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) attends fathering classes and learns about sex. Mustafa (Assad Siddique) goes moose hunting and meets a very agreeable man. Suzy (Nini Bakke Kristiansen) breaks up with the pastor. Also, Vidkun(Ola G. Furuseth)goes on another trip with the orienteering gang.

S02 E8: People in Houses

The final episode Tomasz (Bartek Kaminski) is going to be a father and panics about the eminent birth. Jørgen (Øystein Røger) starts in his new job, but he is in for a surprise. Vidkun(Ola G. Furuseth)has a visitor at the hospital and meets a clown. Also, Hugo (Mads Ousdal) and Suzy (Nini Bakke Kristiansen) have a very unexpected guest.

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