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Such a Pretty Lie - Alain Schwartzstein - France

Such a Pretty Lie (France, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Such a Pretty Lie (Un si joli mensonge, 2014)

Director: Alain Schwartzstein
Cast: Corinne Touzet, Francis Renaud, Anémone, Emma Colberti
Genre: Comedy


She just wanted romance, but now is trapped in her own lies. After being dishonest about her age to get into a relationship, her time is up when her boyfriend raises the question of kids. Eurochannel premieres Such a Pretty Lie, an extremely funny French comedy about the hurdles and joys of adult love.

Such a Pretty Lie is provocative, and that was precisely the intention of director Alain Schwartzstein. In the film, Christine ― magnificently portrayed by a dazzling Corinne Touzet ― is a 50-year-old woman looking for true love. She finds it in Bruno, a comic strip writer almost a decade younger. However, Bruno doesn’t know there’s a 10-year difference between them as Christine lies about her age . . . as far as he knows, she’s only 42!

It all becomes complicated when Bruno talks about having children, and Christine is ready to tell the truth about her age . . . but Bruno’s family and ex-girlfriend are there to hear.

Although a comedy, Such a Pretty Lie is a thought-provoking production. Delivering a witty story, director Alain Schwartzstein deals with subjects like menopause and romance in senior adults.

Eurochannel invites you to laugh out loud at the romantic adventures of a woman in love trying to come to terms with her age in the most hilarious ways possible!


Christine (Corinne Touzet), a dermatologist falls in love with Bruno (Francis Renaud), a 40-year-old comic strip writer, but she lies about her age. She’s not 42; she’s 50. The affair gets complicated when Bruno tells her that he wants a child. Stuck in her lie, Christine aims to tell the truth during a family reunion, which will take a disastrous turn.

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