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Suite Noire (Suite Noire, 2009)

The world of crime is mysterious and deadly, especially when viewed through the eyes of a writer. Stories based on real life events will take over Eurochannel’s programming with a gripping and amusing series about policemen, murderers, romance, sex, drugs and conspirators through ingenious French filmmaking. Welcome to the Suite Noire.

Suite Noire is a collection of eight films, each the fruit of an encounter between a novelist and a filmmaker, the latter given carte blanche to adapt one of the published novels. Each film is a hard-boiled crime story in the B-movie tradition. In addition, the series explores the nuances of various cinematic genres, from high farce to social criticism, by way of moral (or immoral) fables, the macabre and the romantic.

Suite Noire takes a dark and ironic look at contemporary society, at its shady, seedy parts and murky motives. In every episode — or film, in this case — the lives of decent citizens or delinquents, fake innocents or total bastards, serial-killers or inept murderers, are intertwined in outrageous stories, some based on real events.

The series was first aired in France on prime time — on Arte and TV5 — to great acclaim by the press and critics, and boasts outstanding performances by César and Molière award-winning actors such as Manuel Blanc, Julie-Marie Parmentier, and Niels Arestrup, among others.

Eurochannel invites you to discover some of the darkest stories ever written in modern France, and be thrilled by the stunning films made of them in a unique series presented for the first time in America.


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