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Suriname - Danny Leysner - The Netherlands

Suriname (The Netherlands, 2020) by Eurochannel



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Suriname (Suriname, 2020)
The Netherlands

Director: Danny Leysner
Cast: Rodney Lam, Josylvio, Liza Sips
Genre: Thriller
Length: 100’


A tale of politics, crime, and revenge. A politician's life spirals out of control when a criminal from his past resurfaces, leading to a series of violent events. Eurochannel premieres Suriname.

This gripping and intense movie delves into the darker side of politics and crime. Set in the lead-up to the presidential elections in Suriname, the film follows Winston Righter, the Minister of Natural Resources, as he navigates the murky waters of politics and power. However, when an old acquaintance from his criminal past demands payment, Winston's life is turned upside down, and he is forced to confront his demons.

The movie begins with Winston sitting beside the bed of his foster mother, Ma Jot, who has recently passed away. The rest of the movie is a flashback that takes us through the events that led up to her death. Winston is running for president as the current president is not seeking re-election. At a party hosted by Cleo Bellamie and her husband Milton, a police officer, Winston meets Cleo, who is Ma Jot Bellamie's biological daughter and also running for president.

As the story unfolds, we learn that Ma Jot Bellamie seems to be supporting Winston more than her own daughter, calling him "the best horse in the stable." This dynamic sets the stage for a complex and thrilling story that explores the lengths that people are willing to go to achieve their goals. The tension in the movie builds steadily as Winston's past comes back to haunt him. An old acquaintance from the criminal underworld, believes that Winston still owes him money and tries to get in touch with him. What follows is a gripping and intense sequence of events that culminates in a shocking and tragic death.

The film is unflinching in its portrayal of the darker aspects of politics and crime, and it showcases the consequences of people's actions. The story keeps the audience engaged throughout, and the pacing is excellent. Overall, it is a must-watch for fans of dark thrillers and crime dramas, and it's a testament to the power of cinema to explore the depths of the human psyche.


As a politician enters presidential race, his life spirals out of control when a criminal from his shady past resurfaces and threatens to reveal damaging secrets.

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