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The Great Highway Musical (Comme un air d'autoroute, 2012)

Director: Vincent Burgevin, Franck Lebon
Cast: Boris Vigneron, Maryvette Lair, Didier Bourdon, Jérôme Bruno
Genre: Comedy, musical


Sing, dance and laugh! Welcome to France’s funniest highway station, where Peter will defend a quirky oasis for travelers . . . and fall in love for the first time ― with the daughter of the businessman trying to take over Peter’s beloved workplace. Eurochannel premieres the entertaining musical comedy The Great Highway Musical!

In The Great Highway Musical, you’ll rejoice with some of the most hilarious of characters ever created for a musical. There is Peter, abandoned as a kid in the service station and destined to become the manager of the place; Luc, Peter’s best buddy and mechanic; Joe, a silent assistant, all of whose duties are done while dancing ballet. And of course, Marie, the daughter of the ruthless businessman who’s trying to buy the service station.

In this film, Peter has turned the motorway service station where he grew up into one big singing and dancing show as joyous and eccentric as he is. Helped by a tribe of whimsical employees, he resists the oil company trying to buy the station. Soon enough he falls in love with Marie, whose initial purpose is to make Peter lose his job.

With catchy songs galore, The Great Highway Musical is one of the most entertaining proposals of French cinema in the past years. The performances of its cast are as amusing as they are real. Leading actor Boris Vigneron won the Most Promising Actor Award at La Rochelle Fiction Festival in 2012.


Peter (Boris Vigneron) manages France’s last and funniest motorway service station with joy, dance and music. But Mr. Degrand (Didier Bourdon), a ruthless businessman, is determined to own the place. With the goal of taking control, Marie (Maryvette Lair), Degrand’s daughter, is sent to seduce Peter, but love hits the pair and a song of romance begins for both of them.

Awards and Festivals:

• Most Promising Actor Award at La Rochelle Fiction Festival in 2012

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