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The Heiresses - Harry Cleven - France

The Heiresses (France, 2009) by Eurochannel



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The Heiresses (Les héritières, 2009)

Director: Harry Cleven
Cast: Jacques Weber, Amira Casar, Jean Benguigui, Helena Soubeyrand
Genre: Drama


There is nothing like the distribution of a family inheritance to make both siblings and parents bicker, and even separate forever. Eurochannel takes you to post-WWII France to meet an aristocratic family and observe their internal battles in The Heiresses.

The Heiresses is a two-part dramatic mini-series about a young lady defying her father’s wishes. Ottavio, the family’s head, attempts to marry his youngest daughter to a gentleman from the nouveau riche. When she refuses, Ottavio’s payback is to disinherit her, though to do so he must transfer his fortune to his elder daughters, whom he despises.

Directed by Harry Cleven, this art-house production offers a modern and innovative adaptation of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, sure to captivate the most discerning audiences. Nevertheless, for all drama lovers, The Heiresses has plenty of familiar drama, lust, passion, adultery, vengeance, betrayal, and even honesty – the elements of a captivating, must-see production.

Eurochannel invites you to travel back in time to see how an aristocratic family is devoured from within due to their boundless desire for power and money.  


In 1945, Ottavio della Rocca (Jacques Weber), a wealthy Corsican landlord, is about to marry his favorite daughter, Vanina (Helena Soubeyrand), to Ange Caponi’s son, a newly rich former farmer. After World War II turned the world upside down, he has to partner with his enemies not to lose his money.

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