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The Hotel Room - Rudi Gaul - Germany



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The Hotel Room (Das Hotelzimmer, 2014)

Director: Rudi Gaul
Cast: Godehard Giese, Mina Tander
Genre: Drama


A hotel room, two people, and an interview. This is the setting for a one-of-a-kind psycho-thriller that reveals the inner demons of the protagonists as they will deal with their darkest side. Eurochannel invites you to a private black encounter in The Hotel Room.

Directed by Rudi Gaul, The Hotel Room is a thriller about two people, Agnes, a successful writer, and Lukas, a so-called journalist, as they meet in a hotel room for an interview. At the beginning, everything goes well and customary questions are answered in a short but polite fashion, until the journalist drops some hits about the writer’s past.

Pondering questions of identity, truth, and the past, the protagonists engage in thrilling situations. As the plot develops, both reveal they met in the past, but each have different versions, which include a murder and a rape. Who has the truth and how far will they go to convince each other and viewers?

An unforgiving knockout game, culminating in psychological self-exposure, The Hotel Room’s unexpected twists maintain the tension right to the end.


In a hotel room at night, Lukas (Godehard Giese), an unsuccessful documentary filmmaker, interviews Agnes (Mina Tander), a successful novelist. He maintains that ten years earlier they were complicit in an accident of far-reaching consequences, but he doesn’t expect what will happen after an exhausting interview.

Awards and Festivals:

• Best Motion Picture - Film Festival Baden-Württemberg 2014
• International Film Festival Munich 2014
• World Film Festival Montréal 2014
• International Film Festival Braunschweig 2014

Airing times

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