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The Mosquito Net (La mosquitera, 2010)

Director: Agustí Vila
Cast: Emma Suárez, Eduard Fernández, Martina García
Genre: Drama   


Follow the complicated lives of an affluent and dysfunctional family in a production with Spanish, Catalán, American and Colombian talents – they’ll catch you in The Mosquito Net!

In The Mosquito Net, a teenage boy brings home stray animals to make up for the lack of affection in his well-off urban family, whose members are all victims of an obscure feeling of guilt: the mother towards her son, the father towards the maid, and the son towards any form of life.

Featuring international, award-winning talents such as Geraldine Chaplin and Martina García, The Mosquito Net presents in a witty and entertaining fashion a chain of misunderstandings, which create confusing situations that are both comical and tragic.

Digging into the causes of human complexity, this comedy – about the impossibility of tragedies, the director describes it – is also a depiction of the moral confusion within the Spanish bourgeoisie. The Mosquito Net is one of the few films from Spain spoken in both a regional language (Catalonian) and Spanish.

Praised by critics around the globe, The Mosquito Net won prizes at the most important film festivals, including the Crystal Globe for Best Picture at the 2010 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Best Actress at the 2011 Goya Awards.


A dysfunctional  bourgeois family avoids their issues. Miguel (Eduard Fernández) wants to pay their immigrant teenage maid Ana (Matina García) for sex, his wife Alice (Emma Suarez) has an affair with their teenage son's manipulative schoolmate, and Miguel's parents deal with Alzheimer's.

Awards and Festivals:

• Crystal Globe for Best Picture - Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
• Best Film - Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival 2010.
• Best Film - Ícaro Festival – 2010
• Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2010
 - Best Director
 - Best Leading Actress
• Best Leading Actor - Gaudí Awards 2011
• Best Leading Actress – Goya Awards 2011

Airing times

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