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The Murmuring Coast - Portugal

The Murmuring Coast

The Murmuring Coast


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Interview with Lídia Jorge

Interview with Filipe Duarte

The Murmuring Coast (A Costa dos Murmúrios, 2004)


Director: Margarida Cardoso
Beatriz Batarda, Filipe Duarte, Monica Calle


Relive the insights of the independence war of Mozambique.

Little do we know about the process of Mozambique gaining its independence from Portugal, still, it generates captivating stories of bloodshed and romanticism. Eurochannel invites you to relive the ancient days of European colonialism in Africa with The Murmuring Coast.

Filmed between Lisbon and Maputo, The Murmuring Coast is not a war film but an allegory to love and redemption. It is also an authentic portrayal of Portuguese society in the 60s, with the tacit predominance of machismo and the first tentative steps towards women's liberation. Evita, our protagonist, is deeply in love with a mathematician who has received the call of duty to fight the Mozambique independence movement.

Based on an engaging story by the renowned Portuguese author Lídia Jorge, the film portrays an Evita who comes to realize the true personality of the man she married. Turning from a lame victim into the leader of her own emancipation, she falls in love with a journalist revealing the abuses of the Portuguese army in the war. A tale about freedom and independence, in all senses!


At the end of the 60s, Evita (Beatriz Batarda) arrives in Mozambique and finds herself in a country devastated by the colonial war with Portugal. She is to marry Luís (Filipe Duarte) who is doing his military service. When Luís leaves to fight, Evita is left alone wandering around the city where she starts discovering how violence changes men... most specifically her husband. Film adaptation of the novel by Lídia Jorge.

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