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The Prague Mysteries - Jaroslav Brabec - Czech Republic

The Prague Mysteries (Czech Republic, 2020) by Eurochannel


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The Prague Mysteries (Zlociny Velké Prahy, 2020)
Czech Republic

Director: Jaroslav Brabec
Jaroslav Plesl, Jirí Langmajer, Denis Safarík
Genre: Crime, mystery
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 10
Length: 57’


1920s - a decision is made to integrate nearby territories into Greater Prague. This led to a new wave of crime investigated by the Prague State Police. Eurochannel premiers The Prague Mysteries.

On January 1, 1922, the so-called Greater Prague was established. The surrounding urban areas and nearby villages, forests, factories and farms were made part of Greater Prague. Prague’s new districts were less rich and glamorous than the center and brought to the capital specific forms of crime, which began to be investigated by the Prague State Police instead of the local policemen.

And just as the police officers replaced the gendarmerie, detectives accustomed to inner Prague had to fight crime in a whole new field - instead of going to the cobbled streets and cafes, they set out on a muddy path between farms and village cottages.

Chief Inspector Budik, an ambitious man, struggles when political pressure drives him to be responsible for the lowly mud-spattered suburbs and not the posh, bustling center. Together with his colleagues, Inspector Havlik and Detective Martin Novacek, he fights crime in a slightly different environment than he is used to.

The crime stories featured in The Prague Mysteries are inspired by real-life cases from the period.


The Prague Mysteries S1 E1

An experienced Austro-Hungarian criminologist is assigned to investigate a series of murders around Prague and its surrounding suburbs.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E2

The body of a young boy is discovered in a pond on the outskirts of Greater Prague. The harrowing case has sexual connotations that Inspector Budik must untangle.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E3

A robbery goes terribly wrong and ends up with the murder of a man. The motives seem to be hidden in a religious book found near the body.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E4

Amidst the family problems for Inspector Budik, he faces the case of a woman strangled. The case seems to be connected with blackmail.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E5

A war hero is murdered. Inspector Budik, investigates the crime that seems to be motivated by betrayal. When the killer is identified, he decides to take a prisoner to avoid capture.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E6

As the clothes of a woman are found in the riverbank, Inspector Budik wonders if this is a case of suicide or murder.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E7

On the outskirts of Prague, a farmer is found with a bullet in his head and other in his chest. A marriage seems to be the key behind this case.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E8

A millionaire man trying to bail his daughter out of jail is found dead. Inspector Budik must find if feuds and a prison complot are behind the crime.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E9

An intricate web of estranged relationships and addictions end with the murder of a deeply religious woman and mother.

The Prague Mysteries S1 E10

The corpse of a goldsmith is found with a fatal wound on his head. The only suspects are two reclusive monks

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