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The Salento Murders (Commissario Zagaria, 2010)

Director: Antonello Grimaldi
Cast: Lino Banfi, Marco Cocci, Edoardo Becchis, Leopoldo Pescatore
Genre: Family, investigation, comedy


His methods are unorthodox and his intuition unparalleled. Close to retirement, Inspector Zagaria’s career in the Salento police was scheduled to end with honors. Everything changes when a mafia clan starts a war to take control of the city. Now he has to bring justice with the help of a challenging young detective. Eurochannel premieres the action comedy drama, The Salento Murders.

The Salento Murders follows Commissioner Pasquale Zagaria in his last days as a member of the police force in his town. The city is threatened by the presence of a criminal mob disturbing the city’s peace. Eager to bring justice, Zagaria’s boss surprises him with a new partner, the young and science-orientated officer, Stefano Amato. They couldn’t be more different . . . Zagaria blindly trusts his intuition and decades of experience while Amanto only relies on facts and what science can prove. Together, they must combine their skills to end the wave of crimes plaguing Salento.

Divided in two parts, The Salento Murders is a one-of-kind production. With a bold and intricate plot that mixes witty comedy, action and thriller, Zagaria’s adventures become more relevant with the contrasting personality of his partner. Zagaria is a Commissioner with a sensitive soul, and his cunning will resist the reality that his and his partner’s approaches are complementary and will end the underworld war in Salento

Starring one of Italy’s most beloved actors, Lino Banfi, The Salento Murders takes viewers to the one of most exciting landscapes in southern Italy with a gripping story of guns and laughs. Come discover if the quirky methods of Zagaria can take down a mafia clan.


A malevolent clan, probably from Calabria, has arrived in Salento to conquer the territory. Commissioner Pasquale Zagaria (Lino Banfi) is a policeman who grew up in the field, all intuition and little science. Close to retirement, he finds himself having to collaborate with the young assistant chief, Stefano Amato (Marco Cocci), a Florentine who has specialized abroad and, of course, is all about his faith in science.

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