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The Statesman - Pierre Courrège - France



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Interview with François Bégaudeau

The Statesman (Un Homme d’Etat, 2014)

Director: Pierre Courrège
Cast: Pierre Santini, Patrick Braoudé, Bruno Solo, François Bégaudeau
Genre: Drama   


The president is losing his temper and every poll before the elections that will have him in office for a second term. Now he tries every trick to keep his powerful position. Eurochannel premieres The Statesman, a jaw-dropping drama about the dirty reality of politics.

The Statesman is fictional but could be taken as an adaptation of a real event. However, this political drama, directed by Pierre Courrège, tells the story of Jean François Vanker, a fictitious right-wing French president on the verge of reelection. All the polls show him losing, but Vanker will do everything to retain power, even seek help of the greatest left-wing leader in the country. . . but will his tactics go according to the plan?

Cynicism, opportunism and lies are the main ingredients of The Statesman. No one is safe ― from the president’s cabinet, to his opposition and even the press.

Posing global questions of political polarization in a humorously witty fashion, The Statesman delivers a flawless experience of unexpected twists and turns in this witty dissection of French political stratagems. And as the plot unveils, it is clear that, as the leading character says: “politics is a combination of truth and concealment; those who hide nothing do not go very far”.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy one of the most entertaining French film ventures of 2014. An eye-opening production revealing modern day politics that proves that there are many politicians who dare to play with fire to avoid getting burned.


A few weeks before the presidential elections, the outgoing President of the Republic, Jean François Vanker (Patrick Braoudé), is at the lowest in polls. The leader of the most powerful right- wing party, he is trying to find an ally. He decides to win Robert Bergman (Pierre Santini), a left-wing politician and an iconic figure of French politics, to his cause.

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