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The Trap - Mischa Kamp - The Netherlands



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The Captivating Dutch Gems of Tourism

The Trap (De fuik, 2008)
The Netherlands

Director: Mischa Kamp
Cast: Elske Rotteveel, Lukas Dijkema, Johanna ter Steege
Genre: Drama


Everybody loves holidays. The idea of having time off from duties at work or school is very appealing, even to the most devoted to their responsibilities. But what if your vacation turned into a sour sweet you can’t swallow? Eurochannel presents The Trap, a drama that proves sometimes it’s better to stay at home.

Directed by Mischa Kamp (famous for her local children blockbuster, Winky’s Horse), The Trap is a thrilling drama based on real events. Depicting the adventures of a family that plans to go on vacation, this adventure offers a roller-coaster of emotions that turns into a heart-pounding escape from a nightmare.

In the movie, Simone discovers her father’s plans for a surprise family holiday are no more than a mere trap to escape from his problems, leading to the most dangerous situations and putting the family in jeopardy.

By using elements like religious fanaticism, mental illness, and crime, The Trap offers a gripping cinematic version of the 2005 case of a driving instructor who suddenly disappeared from the earth along with his wife and four children. Months later, they were found in Germany; the family had had to camp for weeks in a rental car in the woods around Munich.

Welcome to the intimidating Belgium forests to accompany a family on a vacation full of tension and suspicious motives.


What at first appears to be a surprise family holiday turns into a kidnapping and ends in a nightmare when Simone (Elske Rotteveel) discovers her father is on the run from serious problems.

Festivals and Awards:

• Netherlands Film Festival 2008
 - Golden Calf Award
 - Nominated - Best TV Film

Airing times

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