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The Ultimate Game (Spain, 2021) by Eurochannel

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The Ultimate Game (Reverso, 2021)

Director: Carlos Martín
Cast: Iván Hermés, Raúl Mérida, Elena Ballesteros
Genre: Thriller
Length: 93’


Since they were little, Mark and Alex have played a dangerous and secret game that consists of giving each other impossible challenges. Whoever loses, pays a price. Eurochannel premiers The Ultimate Game.

The film tells the story of two very unusual brothers: Alex and Mark, who have never met their biological parents. In the orphanage, they begin to challenge each other to some macabre and lurid games in what seems to be their peculiar way of demonstrating 'brotherly love'. The dangerous and secret games consist of giving each other impossible tests and challenges. Whoever loses or fails the test, pays a price.

Ironies aside, this infinite hatred of each other is maintained over time, as are the dangerous games that characterized their relationship and endangered their lives. These games continued even when they left the orphanage and found a home with foster parents, becoming ever so challenging and dangerous.

The last time they saw each other, Alex was left in a coma because he was hit by a car when he was trying to cross a freeway blindfolded and naked. Mark never went to visit him in the hospital, and Alex since rebuilt his life with Marta, who was by his side until he fully recovered.

Marta's father has just passed away and that same night, Alex decides to reunite with his brother instead of being with Marta. He has a score to settle, he has to put an end to all of it. They decide to play one last time. Tonight is the time for revenge. This time, without limits and until the end. Tonight is the game of life or death.

The toxic rivalry between two brothers inflames when they decide to compete in a dangerous game. Both eager to win at any cost, the race quickly takes a shocking turn.

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