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Theo Angelopoulos: The Internal Journey (Theo Angelopoulos, 2008)

Director: Elodie Lelu


Eurochannel invites you to witness the surprising life of the renowned Greek filmmaker, Theo Angelopoulos, in this revealing documentary. For the first time ever, we go behind the scenes of both the work and the personal life of the artist known for his dogged perseverance and phenomenal success despite his humble beginnings and tumultuous life under military dictatorship in Greece.

Using archivalfootage and plenty of interviews with Angelopoulos, director ElodieLelu lends a deeply personal feeling to the life story of one of Greece’s most acclaimedcineastes. Theo Angelopoulos, The Internal Journey, is truly a labor of love: this demanding project pushed the director to his limits as he sought to comprehend the nature of the artist.

This profound documentary combines research, passion, and art into a moving tale of creativity and perseverance. Best of all, it contains probably the most earnest and deepest interview withAngelopoulos ever made.


A deeply personal look at the life of Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos, one of the foremost representatives of Greek cinema. His life reflects the tragedies faced byan entire nation during the oppressive era of military dictatorship. It is a story of boundless ambitions, hope, love and the responsibilities that haunt every artist, even after death.

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