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Things From Another World - Francesco Patierno - Italy



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Interview with Francesco Patierno

Things From Another World (Cose dell'altro mondo, 2011)

Director: Francesco Patierno
Cast: Diego Abatantuono, Maurizio Donadoni, Laura Efrikian
Genre: Comedy


Immigration polarizes: the most nationalistic in every country demand tougher rules to prevent foreigners from entering, while others advocate immigration because of its benefits in cultural and economic terms. Eurochannel invites you to northern Italy to reflect on both sides of the argument and see what happens when immigrants disappear in Things from Another World.

Under Francesco Patierno’s direction, a tale of surprises is here to entertain. In the movie, viewers are invited to a city with a high percentage of immigrant workers, all legally present and well integrated. In the town, there is an industrialist who amuses himself by broadcasting a TV show so politically incorrect that it becomes extremist. One day, however, the show becomes real: all the immigrants invited to leave decide to do so . . . forever!

With this movie, the director beckons the response to one single question, which was the original idea for the film: “Can you live without kebabs?” Patierno develops a comedy that reflects, in an already globalized world, on how our lives would be today without the presence of immigrants. The movie is enriched by the outstanding acting of an Italian comedy legend, Diego Abatantuono, whose portrayal will make viewers both love and hate his character.

Things from Another World goes beyond a portrait of the social and economic consequences of immigrants’ disappearance. It poses a sincerely blunt question: would we feel the absence of immigrants from an emotional point of view? Don’t miss this hilarious comedy to discover the answer!


Mariso Golfetto (Diego Abatantuono) is a firm manager from Veneto who is constantly infuriated by his employees, all either immigrants or southern Italians. He regularly appears on the local TV channel where he denounces the evils of immigration. One morning his dreams come true and all immigrants vanish. Will it be a blessing for him or a catastrophe?

Airing times

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