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Three Lawyers in Fiction


Saul Goodman

Tribunals Can Be Entertaining:
Three Lawyers in Fiction

Celebrating the airing of the French TV miniseries Barbara’s Law, a legal drama with Josiane Balasko, we selected three memorable lawyers of fiction. They are in popular memory for their outstanding, and sometimes outrageous, adventures in and out the court.

Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul)

"You don't want a criminal lawyer... you want a criminal lawyer," is his introduction to the award-winning series Breaking Bad. Popularly known as Saul Goodman, he is a factional character created by Vince Gillian and portrayed by Bob Odenkirk. Saul is opportunist man; the kind of man who "knows a guy who knows a guy" for illegal purposes. In the spin-off series Better Call Saul, it is revealed that his real name is James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill and was a con artist nicknamed "Slippin' Jimmy," who feigned falls in front of businesses to get money; he went straight after his older brother Chuck pulled strings to get him out of prison and became a struggling lawyer before becoming Saul.

Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife)

Initially a homemaker and non-practicing lawyer, Alicia Florrick has become one of the world’s best known fiction lawyers. Alicia started to exercise her profession after her husband was arrested, and climbed the ladder to the top to become a partner in the lawyers firm she worked to then found her own. Florrick is portrayed by Julianna Margulies, who has received much acclaim for this role, such as winning two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series as well as Critics’ Choice, Golden Globe awards.

Ally McBeal (Ally McBeal)

She represents the romantic side of the tribunals. Ally is a fictional lawyer in the legal comedy drama Ally McBeal, characterized for her romantic side and constant search for her soulmate. Ally went to Harvard Law School. Along the comedy, she often hears songs in her head and experiences hallucinations, mostly of a dancing baby, due to her biological clock ticking and of sexual endeavors with various men. Ally McBeal was played by Calista Flockhart

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Alicia Florrick


Ally McBeal

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