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Northern Ireland: a brief history of one of the most divided societies

Trapped (Anton, 2008)

Cast: Anthony Fox, Cillian Roche, Gerard McSorley, Laura Way
Director: Graham Cantwell


Aristotle once said: "It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen." A young Irishman will prove him right on Trapped, a film about the turmoil and confusion that ruled Ireland not so long ago. Go back to the 1970s in Ireland and discover the thrilling truths of a tumultuous era!

Based on true events, Trapped tells the story of Anton, a young man from the Irish countryside, back home from a long time at sea. Upon his return all has changed and the country is divided... he must decide between fighting for his family or his nation. Made on a small budget, Trapped delivers an entertaining cinematic experience with amusing acting and beautiful photography. The film has been recognized with three Irish Film and Television Academy Award nominations, the Irish equivalent of the BAFTAs.

Conceived as a portrait of a generation in his country, the director Graham Cantwell and scriptwriter and main star Anthony Fox explore how idealistic and impressionable young men were recruited into the conflict and the repercussions that their involvement had on their personal lives.

Eurochannel invites you to discover a moving face of the conflict that changed history in Ireland. Truths will be told, and most of them will hurt.


This epic drama based on true events tells the story of Anton (Anthony Fox), a young Irishman returning home to his loving wife, Maria (Laura Way), and his family after five years at sea. In his absence the troubles in Northern Ireland have worsened and his childhood friend Brendan (Andy Smith), persuades him that he must join the cause and fight the British. Very soon he is involved in a brutal murder, but when he tries to abandon the cause, his comrades won't allow it. Whether he likes it or not there is no way back and no way forward.

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