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Unfaithful - Denis Malleval - France

Unfaithful (France, 2009) by Eurochannel



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3 Must-See Movies of Extramarital Affairs

Unfaithful (Un Petit Mensonge, 2009)

Director: Denis Malleval
Cast: Julie Judd, Frédéric Van Den Driessche, Gaëla Le Devehat
Genre: Crime/Thriller


When Eric decided to cheat on his wife, he did not know the affair would change the lives of three women intertwined by his lies. Eurochannel invites you to discover how three women cope with pressure, lust, deception and revenge with the premiere of Unfaithful.

This French dramatic thriller is a tale of life’s coincidences, loyalty and lies. There is Eric, a reputed doctor whose life seems exemplary. He lives with his wife, his two children, and even provides a home for his aging mother. However, behind the perfect family man facade, Eric gives in to his lust and has a torrid affair with a younger single mom. But his double life is about to change when Chloé, his mistress’ daughter, starts bragging about Eric at school.

As the plot develops, Chloé is not aware that by annoying his classmate Hugo with his mother’s romance with Eric, the possibility of having a dad, and the fact that Hugo’s mother is single, will have fateful consequences. Hugo, tired of Chloé, tells her his mother’s boyfriend is also named Eric, and both kids have no idea of the deadly events they set in motion for that lie . . . One divorce, one pregnancy, and one murder will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the movie’s surprising finale!

Unfaithful was directed by Denis Malleval, who also directed Chez Maupassant, Against Their Will, and three features based on the works of Georges Simenon: The Iron Stairs, Blackballed and Death of an Old Man, all premiered previously by Eurochannel.

Come discover the cost of Eric’s secret romance as Unfaithful invites us to think about if it is sometimes better to keep a secret than to tell the truth!


Eric (Frédéric Van Den Driessche) looks like a happy family man. But he also frequents two other women with one child each: Chloé and Hugo, whose wish is to have a dad. When the kids become involved in their parents’ romances, their words will deeply shake their very lives . . . for the best or for the worst.

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