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Unveiling Thrilling Latvian Cinema: The Top 5 Thrillers of the Last Decade




Unveiling Thrilling Latvian Cinema: The Top 5 Thrillers of the Last Decade

To celebrate the premiere of River of Fear, we delve into the heart-pounding world of Latvian cinema by showcasing the top 5 Latvian thrillers of the last decade.

Samuel's Travels (2021)
In the remote corners of Eastern Europe, Sam, a foreigner in search of his estranged father Lagzdins, crosses paths with a pig farmer's daughter after a minor road accident. Their encounter takes an unexpected turn as she ensnares him, turning him into an unwilling farm laborer.

The Pit (2020)
Following derogatory remarks from a neighbor's daughter about his late father, a ten-year-old boy seeks revenge by imparting a harsh lesson to the girl. However, this act of vengeance places him in the disfavor of the community, leaving him isolated and condemned.

Rigas sargi (2007)
Martins, a veteran of the First World War returning to Latvia after years abroad, reunites with his fiancée Elza. Unaware of the impending battle for Elza's affection and the fate of the newly formed Latvian state, he faces a pivotal struggle on both fronts.

The Good Neighbor (2022)
The unlikely bond between two neighbors, each with contrasting lifestyles and perspectives, begins to blossom. David, one of them, finds himself drawn into this connection despite their differences. However, fate takes a sorrowful turn when David is involved in a tragic accident, resulting in the untimely death of a young woman, shattering the delicate balance of their budding friendship.

Blizzard of Souls (2019)
Arturs, grappling with the loss of his mother and home, seeks solace by enlisting in the army. Yet, the harsh reality of war shatters his preconceived notions, revealing a brutal and unforgiving world far removed from his initial expectations.

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