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Valparaiso (Valparaiso, 2011)

Director: Jean-Christophe Delpias
Cast: Jean-François Stévenin, Peter Coyote, Héléna Noguerra
Genre: Drama, Thriller


When Balthazar decided the fate of a massive cargo ship, he did not know about the fatal consequences for his family. A shipwreck follows, oil spills over the ocean, and death sentences are given to those who search for an answer. Eurochannel premieres Valparaiso, a thrilling movie about the darkest side of corporate corruption in Europe.

Directed by Jean-Christophe Delpias, Valparaiso is a French thriller with a captivating story. In the midnight hour, somewhere in the English Channel, a freighter carries 400,000 tons of crude oil. As the captain is forced to change course by the oil company that bought the cargo in a last-minute operation, rocks tear through the double hull and the ship begins to sink, causing yet another oil spill in the ocean.

More tension awaits. Emma, an idealistic member of the European Parliament, discovers her father is involved in this “accidental” oil spill. And his decision put in motion a chain of shocking events that will force his oil corporation to stop at nothing to hide the truth about an environmental disaster it caused.

Valparaiso deals with the stereotype of ruthless multinational corporations. Cruel executives, death threats, assassinations, poisonings and revenge are the ingredients of this corporate thriller. All these, are enriched with outstanding performances of actor Jean-François Stévenin, a favorite of French fans, and Peter Coyote, famous for his role in the Academy Award winner E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Eurochannel invites you to plunge into the forbidding world of corporate corruption, and meet a group of executives who will kill to maintain the growth of their profits!


When Emma (Héléna Noguerra), an idealistic member of the European Parliament, investigates an oil spill, she discovers her father's (Jean-François Stévenin) involvement and sets in motion tragic events. A powerful corporation will do anything to hide the truth about an environmental disaster . . . even destroy a family.

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