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The Man Behind the King Sun

Vauban (Vauban, la sueur épargne le sang, 2012)

Director: Pascal Cuissot
Cast: Nicky Marbot, Daniel-Jean Cassagne, Armand Eloi, Franck Mercadal
Genre: Drama


In France, King Louis XIV, better known as the Sun King (le Roi-Soleil), made of his kingdom the leading European power during the 17th century. Eurochannel now reveals the man who served as one of the king’s highest official, a true power player in the French royal house. Come meet Vauban!

Vauban is a historical drama directed by Pascal Cuissot (who has also directed episodes of Eurochannel’s series Maigret) revealing the life of Marshal Vauban. For nearly half a century, Vauban was the key player in the modernization of France. Thanks to his double talent as stronghold-builder and city-taker, Vauban helped establish the prestige of the king across Europe. Over a hundred citadels and fortresses, many examples of which still exist today, bear his mark. But towards the end of his life, his prestige with the Sun King was tainted because of his economic and social views, which diverged from those of the sovereign.

By portraying a fascinating man - soldier, humanitarian, engineer, and keen observer of French society – this film de époque traces Vauban’s good qualities. In the main role is Nicky Marbot, whose portrayal of Vauban proposes a unique encounter with the historical figure, and makes viewers understand the changes he experienced as his life was fading.

Eurochannel invites you to travel back in time to 17th-century France to discover the light behind the Sun King!


An original portrait of Louis XIV’s (Armand Eloi) engineer, Vauban (Nicky Marbot), a man who after serving his sovereign zealously, questions the idea of absolutism and the economic misery of the kingdom.

Airing times

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