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Wagner in Venice (Richard Wagner. Diario venezia no della sinfonia ritrovata, 2013)

Director: Gianni Di Capua
Cast: Vasco Mirandola, Marina Thovez, Mario Zucca


He is the mastermind behind the world-famous four-opera cycle,The Ring of the Nibelung that still enchants audiences across the globe. But for a long time one of his works was thought to be lost. Eurochannel invites you to on a journey to learn how that musical piece was rediscovered and played again: Wagner in Venice.

Directed by Gianni di Capua, this documentary is set in a timeless Venice magically evoked through photographic glass negatives, and brought to life by voice-overs that recount the unpublished story of the last days of Richard Wagner's life.

A letter from the great composer himself, a book published just after his death and the diary of his wife Cosima reveal the fascinating story of a rediscovered symphony, a youthful composition composed by Wagner when he was barely 19 years old and brought to light a few days before his sudden death in a lagoon; a symphony that had, many years earlier, represented the birth of the German composer's musical poetry and awareness of his genius.

Discover a part of the life of one of Germany's greatest composers and the intense and controversial love story of Wagner and his wife, Cosima.


The documentary is a reconstruction of a little-known episode that occurred during the last stay in Venice of the great German composer. It tells a story that takes place on Christmas Eve of 1882 in the Apollinee, the largest room of the La Fenice Theater.Richard Wagner, in the intimacy of his family, at the head of an orchestra formed by teachers and students of the music school Benedetto Marcello, directed his early work, thought to be lost: the Symphony in C.

Airing times

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