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We Are the Tide - Sebastian Hilger - Germany

We Are The Tide (Germany, 2016) by Eurochannel




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Interview with Lana Cooper

We Are the Tide (Wir Sind Die Flut, 2016)

Director: Sebastian Hilger
Cast: Max Mauff, Lana Cooper, Gro Swantje Kohlhof
Genre: Mystery, Fiction


Two young physicists, Jana and Micha, set out to get to the bottom of a mysterious phenomenon. Fifteen years ago, the sea retreated from a small German town, taking all the children away with it. The mystery has never been solved and the anomaly has lain like a curse on the area. Will the truth be revealed someday? Eurochannel premieres the fantasy drama, We Are the Tide.

Directed by Sebastian Hilger, We Are the Tide is a unique German production. Combining mystery and fiction, the film tells the story of Micha, a physicist whose new project is to search for an answer to a strange phenomenon in the small town of Windholm. There, one morning, the ocean just disappeared and took all the children with it. Since then, the emptiness has been raising questions and anxiety. The cause of the phenomenon remains unclear. Now Micha and Jana, his ex-girlfriend, set out to discover the reason for the mystery.

Gradually, Jana and Micha begin to suspect that it is no coincidence that they of all people have ended up in Windholm. Did they even have a choice? Or was it predestined? And precisely what are they looking for? Little by little, the pair not only begin to unravel a great secret, they are also forced to discover how they themselves are entangled in Windholm’s history.

The brainchild of young director, Sebastian Hilger, We Are the Tide proposes an entertaining take on the problems the so-called ‘Generation Y’ is facing. “We were raised to believe we were special, that we could change the world with our ideas and our choices. Now, we find ourselves facing closed doors,” said Hilger when describing the origins of the film’s idea. This is “a movie about the disappointment of a whole generation ― and its determination to still carry on.”

With a mesmerizing story and outstanding performances, We Are the Tide became an award-winning production, taking the Audience Award and the Achille Valdata Award at the 34th Torino Film Festival, and many nominations in numerous film festivals around the world.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the surprising truth behind the mysterious disappearance of the sea and all the children from a small German town!


Fifteen years ago, the ocean disappeared from the coast of Windholm, Germany. So did the local children. Young physicist Micha (Max Mauff) wants to conduct an in-depth study of this inexplicable phenomenon and leaves accompanied by Jana (Lana Cooper), a former colleague and the daughter of the rector of the university where he works. A mystery to be resolved and the ghosts of their shared past await them.

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