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Whitefish - Remy van Heugten - The Netherlands



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Whitefish (Witte vis, 2009)
The Netherlands

Director: Remy van Heugten
Cast: Marcel Hensema, Peter Bolhuis, Clemens Levert
Genre: Thriller


Eurochannel invites you to find out what happens when two brothers decide to follow their instincts and make decisions without thinking twice. What they least expected, though, was chaos to ensue. Whitefish is a dramatic thriller, in which both danger and familial emotions run high.

Directed by Remy van Heugten, Whitefish is set in a close-knit, Dutch fisherman's village. As Hans and his rebellious brother Stijn try to save their endangered fishing boat, their troubled relationship makes success difficult, until one day they catch something in their nets – a substantial amount of drugs.

What happens next evolves into a matter of life and death for the brothers, magnificently portrayed by Marcel Hensema and Peter Bolhuis, who deliver a cinematic experience with their outstanding acting which makes viewers transport to their minds and feel their anguish and rage.

Witness the danger lurking within Dutch waters, proving to be a tough challenge for even the most experienced sailors.


Hans (Marcel Hensema), a religious fisherman, and his rebellious brother, Stijn, try to save their fishing boat. Their difficult relationship seems to hold off success, until one day they catch a substantial amount of drugs in their nets.

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