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You and Me Forever - Kaspar Munk - Denmark



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Interview with Julie Brochorst Andersen

You and Me Forever (You and Me Forever, 2012)

Director: Kaspar Munk
Cast: Julie Brochorst Andersen, Emilie Kruse, Frederikke Dahl Hansen
Genre: Drama   


When Laura and Christine meet Maria, their friendship takes an intense turn toward vulnerability, love and sex. Eurochannel presents You and Me Forever, a Danish coming-of-age drama based on the exciting yet tangled feelings of teenagers growing up. These three protagonists will lead you to an eye-opening world of adventures and lust in Northern Europe!

You and Me Forever is the second feature from director Kaspar Munk, following after his award-winning debut, Hold Me Tight. In the film, best friends forever Laura and Christine, both in their sweet sixteenth year, are inseparable . . . until the arrival of a new girl in town, the super-confident and feisty Maria. Laura is both captivated and mystified by Maria, as Christine feels increasingly alienated. While Laura hangs on her every word, Maria takes her on a wild and hedonistic journey from adolescence to adulthood.

You and Me Forever offers a sensitive portrayal of female teenage angst in this realistic coming-of-age story about idolization, vulnerability, sexuality, and, ultimately, friendship. According to the director, this is “a film teeming with life, with a main character driven by her lust to experience the world ― to feel life”.

Exploring the emotional force that young people carry in their souls, the cast of You and Me Forever received acclaim from both the press and critics, as well as many awards. Frederikke Dahl Hansen took the Best Supporting Actress at the Bodil Awards, the major Danish film awards given by Danish Film Critics Association.

Eurochannel invites you to enter a world of rebellion, desire, and hedonism alongside three teenage girls facing the hardships of growing up, but enjoying each day of their lives as if it was the very last one!


16-year-old friends Laura (Julie Brochorst Andersen) and Christine (Emilie Kruse) have always been best friends, until the mysterious and exciting Maria (Frederikke Dahl Hansen) appears. Fascinated by Maria, Laura finds herself dragged into her world of parties, sex and lies . . . She must decide ― should she stay with her best friend, or keep up with Maria?

Festivals and Awards:

• Bodil Awards
 - Best Supporting Actress (Frederikke Dahl Hansen )
 - Best Film (Kaspar Munk)

• Robert Festival
 - Best Childrens/Family Film
 - Best Supporting Actress
 - Best Director
 - Best Cinematography

Airing times

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