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Travelling in Europe: Spain

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Travelling in Europe: Spain


Eurochannel reveals the peculiarities of Spain in its new Eurotravel program.

One of the most visited countries in the world, Spain attracts tourists not only for the richness of its cultural activities, but also for its pleasant climate and fascinating history. Let Eurotravel help you to discover the main characteristics of one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in Europe.


Through this documentary, you will understand why over fifty million tourists visit Spain each year, making it one of three their most visited countries in the world. To travel to Spain is to experience the sun, superb food, hospitality and joie de vivre. You will also discover the country’s rich heritage of monuments and sights, the imprint of the different civilizations that once made it their home, or to journey through  its singular and breathtaking countryside and delight in the stunning, starkly contrasting scenery, study the customs of its people and towns, and share in their local fiesta and traditions.

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