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A Conversation with Konstantinos Fragkoulis on His Psychological Thriller The Clinic


A Conversation with Konstantinos Fragkoulis on His Psychological Thriller The Clinic

Can you provide some insight into the inspiration behind The Clinic and its intriguing premise?
The initial spark for The Clinic came from exploring themes of memory, isolation, and the human psyche. I was fascinated by the idea of a young woman waking up disoriented, struggling to piece together her fragmented memories while trapped in this enigmatic mansion by the sea. The goldfish serves as an ever-present observer, almost like a silent therapist bearing witness to her journey. The story delves into psychological realms, prompting the audience to question what's real and what might be a figment of the protagonist's mind.

What led you to choose the island of Samos as the filming location, and how did it contribute to the overall atmosphere of the movie?
Samos was the perfect canvas for The Clinic – its natural beauty, historical sites, and diverse landscapes seamlessly blended into the film's mysterious and dreamlike quality. The island's seclusion mirrored the protagonist's sense of isolation, while its lush forests and coastal scenery provided a striking backdrop that almost became a character itself. The local authorities were incredibly supportive, granting us access to remarkable locations that enriched the film's aesthetics and added layers of symbolism.

Can you share any insights into the process of working with a fresh, young cast and how you guided them in bringing their characters to life?
Working with a talented ensemble of young actors was both invigorating and challenging. Their raw energy and willingness to fully immerse themselves in their roles were invaluable assets. However, I had to strike a delicate balance between providing guidance and allowing them the freedom to explore their characters organically. The result was a genuine, nuanced portrayal that breathed life into the script.

The film is described as a psychological thriller and an art house piece. How did you approach blending these genres while maintaining a cohesive vision?

Blending genres was a delicate dance, but one that ultimately enriched the film's depth and resonance. As a psychological thriller, The Clinic aims to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, constantly guessing and questioning the nature of reality within the story. At the same time, its art house sensibilities allowed us to explore deeper themes, employ symbolic imagery, and embrace a more contemplative, thought-provoking pace. The marriage of these genres created a unique viewing experience that challenges the mind while evoking visceral emotions.

What are your hopes for how audiences will receive and interpret The Clinic?
My greatest hope is that The Clinic sparks meaningful discourse and introspection among audiences. While the film offers its own interpretations and conclusions, I intentionally left certain elements open to individual perception. I want viewers to peel back the layers, engage in active analysis, and ultimately derive their own personal meanings from the narrative.

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